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Buying Glasses Online

When you are buying glasses online you first need to have a current prescription.  This means an eyeglasses prescription that is less than 2 years old.  If you are able to have your pupil distance (PD) noted on your prescription then please ask for it.  Next you need to know what type of eyeglasses you need.  For example do you require distance glasses or reading glasses, bifocals, safety glasses or a type of progressive lens?  Once you are armed with this information you are ready to purchase eyeglasses online.

Reading glasses & distance glasses can be purchased online with confidence as they are made with a single purpose in mind and are made using a single vision lens.  Computer vision glasses, sunglasses and even single vision safety glasses also fall into this category.  The reason involves single vision lenses not requiring fitting heights unless your eyeglasses prescription is over +/-4.00 Dioptres or has a high cylinder (Cyl) component.     

If you have any queries about your eyeglasses prescription and wether your Only Specs glasses frame selection or lens choice is the most suitable please contact us as we are more than happy to respond to all enquiries. info@onlyspecs.com.au

Alternatively if you wish to purchase bifocals, progressive lenses or higher prescription eyeglasses online then we recommend either recycling you own frame (having new lenses fitted into your old glasses frame), as the fitting heights in the old lenses can be matched.  Or purchasing a new glasses frame from an Optometrist who can record the fitting heights and correct pupil distance (PD) for you.  These measurements you will have to ask for.  The reason for these measures involves the lenses having different focal distances, which if not fitted correctly in the glasses frame can result in the customer having the incorrect focal distance in front of your eyes.  Such as the computer distance where the distance vision should be, this occurs if the lenses have been fitted too high in the glasses frame.  People who have had this problem happen to them tend to wear their eyeglasses down their noses, so that they can still see in the distance.  At the other extreme if the lenses are fitted too low in the glasses frame, a customer can end up with no reading area in the progressive lens.

When choosing your new eyeglasses online please use only reputable sites that have listed contact details and a history of satisfied customers.  Only Specs has been offering exceptional service and quality online since May 2007.  Order your new eyeglasses, safety glasses online with confidence through Only Specs - new reading glasses from $49 and safety glasses $180 complete.

This article was published on Thursday 16 October, 2008.
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