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Safety Glasses - UV Wraps

At Only Specs we field many enquiries regarding safety glasses that aren't prescription.  So being the helpful people that we are, we did a little search and found a website that sells quality safety glasses that look sporty while offering excellent eye protection.  Delving further into the UV Wraps and Straps story we found that they are Australian owned and operated we are therefore happy to provide their details. www.uvwraps.com.au

These Safety Glasses, feature 100% polycarbonate frames and lenses with robust metal hinges.  Therefore providing a safety glass range provides robust eye protection and/or glare reduction. The polycarbonate lenses are scratch resistant and shatterproof and comply with both the UV protection and impact requirements set by Standards Australia and Standard NZ (AS/NZS 1337).  There is also a sporty range that comes with a free strap that you can organise to be branded with your company's logo.  So why not kit the workers up with new eye protection and advertise at the same time. http://www.uvwraps.com.au/sports.html

Now with respect to sunglasses - we at Only Specs pride ourselves in selling quality prescription sunglasses that actually look like sunglasses.  As we do not sell basic non-prescription sunglasses we have found someone that does.  Both polycarbonate and metal frames are available with both fashion and sporty looks to choose from visit for a browse.

This article was published on Monday 02 March, 2009.