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Males in Construction - need safety glasses

Males suffer more eye injuries than females

Eye injuries more commonly affect males than females in Australia, according to a report released by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare early this year.

The report on eye safety focused on the presentation of eye-related injuries to general practice, emergency departments and eye-injuries requiring hospitalisation for the period 1999 until 2006.

80% of emergency department presentations for eye-injuries involved males mostly of working age.  The vast majority of these patients were for foreign body removal.

Nearly half the presentations were associated with a foreign body in the eye, with half of these requiring medication

A foreign body in the eye caused Australians to miss a median of 1.5 weeks of work per year. 

General practice presentations and hospitalisations for eye-injuries were found to be significantly higher in males.  This is thought to relate to the tasks that males traditionally undertook.

Primarily the eye-injuries that were work related, from the construction sector, using machinery and working with tools such as angle grinders.  Contact sports were also found to be common causes for eye injuries.  DIY tasks featured highly with at home based eye-injuries.

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Adapted from Australian Optometry.

This article was published on Wednesday 29 April, 2009.