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Standard vs Premium Spectacle Lenses

All spectacle lenses do the same job, however some outperform others.  In many cases, the difference between a standard lens and a premium lens may simply be a coating, a tint or having a lens ground to suit your requirements.

Standard Spectacle Lenses

Single vision lenses are almost always uncoated CR39 stock lenses.  The problem with these lenses in some cases, have no coatings and therefore not last very long.  The second problem arises from this is a cosmetic problem ie. The finished product can often be too thick and therefore too heavy and not fit the frame very well.

Premium Spectacle Lenses

These lenses can be tailored to a patient’s individual requirements.  A stock CR39 lens may all that is required for a low powered prescription, but the quality of vision through this lens can be improved dramatically by a standard, or for that matter a top end multi-coat. 

The lens requirements can change dramatically as the power of the prescription increases.  The range of lenses available in single vision minus spectacle lenses is much greater than plus spectacle lenses.

As is the case with all types of lenses, their performance can be changed significantly with one of the many hard coats or multi-coats that are available.

Elite Spectacle Lenses

Involve using 1.6, 1.67, 1.7 and 1.74 indexes in either aspheric or spherical design lenses, combined with the latest generation multi-coats will not only make a significant difference to the appearance of the finished spectacles but also will result in the wearer being able to see significantly better.

This article was published on Tuesday 05 May, 2009.