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Caring for your eyeglasses

Cleaning your glasses regularly is a good habit to have.  Clear lenses mean you get the most benefit from the corrective power of your prescription and ensure that your lenses continue to provide you with clear vision.

Eyeglasses lenses are specialised products that do not give optimum performance if they are dirty, damaged or out of alignment.  Oily fingerprints, cosmetics, sweat, specks of dirt and scratches can all reduce the clarity of your lenses.

A spectacle cleaning cloth can be used to wipe away fingerprints, but washing your eyeglasses is reccommended when there seems to be grease or grime on the lens surface.  First, rinse your eyeglasses to remove excess dust or grit.  Using your fingertips, claen any grimy areas using a small amount of liquid hand soap or a gentle degerent - a soft toothbrush can be used in the hinges and around the nose pads but not on the lenses.  Rinse again thoroughly with luke-warm water and pat dry with a soft cloth or tissue, then polish with a dry spectacle cleaning cloth. Do not use hot water or anything abrasive to clean your eyeglasses.

Check your frames periodically for loose screws and temple (arms of the frame) for misalignment.  Bent frames are generally caused by people sitting on them or not taking care when putting the frames on or taking the frames off their face.

Always use two hands to put on or take off your eyeglasses. If you really must use one hand then hold your eyeglasses by the bridge (the part of the frame above your nose) and gently slide your eyeglasses on or off.

When you put your lenses down please make sure that the lenses are facing upwards.  This will help keep them scratch free and clear.  It is even better to keep them in their case when not on your face.

Ill fitting spectacles can strain your eyes, interfere with vision correction and create dangerour situations.  To maintain a proper fit, have your spectacles adjusted by an optometrist regularly.

Adapted from Optometrist Association 2009


This article was published on Wednesday 04 July, 2012.