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Clear Safety Glasses

Many occupations require safety glasses or other forms of eye protection to enable people to do their job.  Such as construction, mining and industry to name but a few.  But what about other professions or even home handy men, don’t they require eye protection as well?  The short answer is that anyone doing some drilling, sawing, welding, grinding, gardening, spraying chemicals, or cleaning with chemicals and concreting to name just a few activities should have some eye protection, even if that involves wrapped sunglasses or non-prescription safety glasses.  Something is always better than nothing, but please note that if your sunglasses have glass lenses they could do more damage than good if hit by a projectile. 

Most prescription glasses these days are manufactured from plastic which makes them less likely to break if the glasses are dropped or hit by a projectile.  Alternatively, safety glasses are made from special plastics that are even more impact resistant, such as polycarbonate and trivex.  These plastic undergo ballistic testing to verify their medium impact safety standards.  All of Only Specs prescription safety glasses come certified to Australian medium impact standards AS/NZS 1337.6.

The reasons that you should wear eye protection include avoidance of flying objects.  For example you are cycling in twilight and it is too dark to wear your sunglasses, but there are many insects in the air. A bug to the eye is a common complaint among cyclists.  This could be avoided by wearing clear safety glasses.

Another common example involves the home handy man or woman.  This weekend warrior has decided to knock up a dog house/fence/fell some trees.  All of these occupations involve sawing through timber, when a rotating blade hits a solid object dust and projectiles are created.  Both of which can damage and injure an eye. 

The moral of the story is think before you leap into a task think about what the task involves and is there a chance my eyes could be damaged.  If so then please consider wearing eye protection, prescription safety glasses, non-prescription safety glasses or wrapped sunglasses.  Some are better than others but all are better than nothing.

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This article was published on Tuesday 18 September, 2012.