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First time Progressive or Multifocal lens wearers...
Things you should know when you are considering purchasing progressive or multifocal lenses for the first time.
Clear Safety Glasses
Why should you wear eye protection? What occupations need to think about eye safety?
Bifocal Safety Glasses - Why buy them?
Bifocal safety glasses are an excellent option for those who care about eye protection but need to see in more than one distance clearly. People that require reading glasses but still need to be able to walk around the job site safely should consider if bifocal lenses will suit. This article cover...
Caring for your eyeglasses
Tips for caring for your glasses. Taking good care of your glasses means that they will last longer and give you better vision.
Macular Degeneration : The Facts
Current information on Macular Degeneration as supplied by the MD Foundation.
Myopia and the great outdoors.
Myopia development and the great outdoors.
Standard vs Premium Spectacle Lenses
Why upgrade from standard to premium spectacle lenses.
Males in Construction - need safety glasses
Males in the construction industry should wear safety glasses as they were found to make up the vast majority of patients presenting with eye injuries.
Diabetes - Why you should wear sunglasses
Diabetes - increased risk of cataract and age related macular degeneration. Why you should wear sunglasses.
Safety Glasses - UV Wraps
Safety Glasses
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