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Eye Injuries Protect Your Vision
The frequency of eye injuries is 1 person in every 277 for the United State and these stats don’t appear to be improving, though it is unrealistic to think that they will ever disappear completely.
The Right Frame for your Face Shape
Here are some helpful pointers to keep in mind when choosing your next frame.
Sun Protection
Sun protection is almost a religion in this country. Children are now quite regularly wearing a hat in the playground though less frequently sunglasses.
Polarised Lenses – reduce road accidents
Glare has been shown by research to be a contributing factor to many road accidents. Drivers have stated that they couldn’t see the other car or pedestrian because of the surface reflection off the road or the sun shining in their eyes.
The Lastest Fashion Tips for Eyewear
Fashion trends include oversized sunnies, aviators, sleek wraps, prescious metals, natural materials and colours with splashes of bright colour accents. spectacle frames are getting bigger along with the fashion sunglasses.
Children’s Eyecare
Our parents were right when they told us not to sit too close to the TV! Increasing amounts of time that young eyes spend in front of the rectangular screen is leaving its mark...
Handy Hints for buying prescription glasses online
Firstly it is very important to have a current prescription. This means that your eyes must have been tested within the previous 2 years. The prescription should be for spectacles or glasses not contact lenses as they are often not exactly the same.
Photochromatic - Transition Lenses
Photochromatic - transition lenses what you should know.
Reading glasses.
Reading glasses are necessary after we turn 40 to make the print easier to see.
Multifocal Safety Glasses - Are they the right choice for you?
Multifocal safety glasses are available and come certified to Australian and International standards. This article explains how a multifocal lens works and why it might be the right choice for you. Order your new multifocal safety glasses through Only Specs for Free Shipping Australia wide.
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