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Lens Information

Single vision lenses can be made to correct either short sightedness or long sightedness.

Options: All our prescription glasses come with a free anti-scratching coating. Options include an anti-reflective coating, UV protection, sunglasses tint, photochromatic lenses (darken with sunlight) and polarised lenses. Simply select these options as required.

Lens Information

Thin Lenses

Thin lenses have a higher 'refractive index' which requires less material to achieve the same degree of vision correction as a standard lens.

As this type of lens has a flatter front surface so it reflects more than standard lenses so an anti-reflective coating is desirable.

As well as decreasing thickness they are lighter than conventional lenses.

We recommend higher index levels for: people who prefer a thinner, lighter lens.

Higher prescriptions for improved appearance.

Very high prescriptions will require very thin lenses.

Anti-reflective coating decreases glare, reflections and halos around lights, which is particularly beneficial when night driving, also while using the computer.

Cosmetically these lenses also look better as people can see your eyes through th lenses an not reflections.

UV Ultra violet radiation from the sun can damage your eyes, especially if exposed for prolonged periods. 100% UV protection is advisable on all single vision distance glasses and reading glasses that will be worn outside.

A tint makes for great prescription sunglasses. Or can be used to change the cosmetic appearance of the glasses. It is recommended to combine your choice of tint with 100% UV protection.

This lens goes darker when exposed to UV (ultra violet) light. Therefore it goes dark when you are outside and returns back to clear inside. This lens has 100% built in UV protection. It is available in grey and brown. NB. This lens does no go very dark in the car as you have a UV shield in most windscreens.

Polarised lens cut out reflected light (glare) improving clarity and definition. This is particularly useful for out door activities and cutting the glare from the road whilst driving. They already have a tint and 100% UV protection. Available in grey only.

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