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About Only Specs

Only Specs is the only Optometrist run online glasses business in Australia.  100% Australian owned company, run by qualified  optometrists from the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Queensland.  All prescription eyeglasses sold through Only Specs are manufactured within Australia.

Only Specs website enables customers worldwide (even in remote communities!) to go online to shop for quality, affordable prescription glasses, eyeglasses, sunglasses , reading glasses and safety glasses from the comfort of their home.

Because Only Specs is run by Optometrists, we offer helpful hints throughout your shopping experience. Please use this information to help make an informed choice when purchasing prescription glasses online.

We welcome your feedback. If you have any queries or suggestions on how we could improve the site to make your experience even more enjoyable, please send us an email to: enquiries@onlyspecs.com.au

Donations, we at Only Specs believe in giving back to the community therefore $1 from every sale is regularly donated to an eye related charity. Either Optometry Giving Sight or The Fred Hollows Foundation.

Quality and Service

Only Specs philosophy involves providing service second to none and products that exceed customer expectations, therefore making repeat business common. 

All of the glasses frames and prescription lenses are purchased in Australia and the glasses frame brands are named on the site.  Only Specs believes in keeping the online shopping experience as transparent and customer friendly as possible.

All glasses are quality and prescription checked by a qualified Optometrist before being dispatched to you.

In the unlikely instance that a product is fitted with an incorrect prescription or does not meet your expectations, please contact us and we will replace it at no cost to you.

All of our frames and lenses come standard with a 12 month manufacturing warranty. Our certified safety glasses come with a $20 million fail safe guarantee for 12 months.

Frequently asked Questions:

Why are the prices so reasonable?
Because Only Specs is an online business, we save on the overheads.  We are pleased to pass on these savings to you. You can now afford a quality product at a fraction of the price in the stores.

Are the lenses made of glass or plastic?
Our lenses are made of high quality plastic.  This makes them lighter and much more durable, as they don’t shatter when dropped. All certified prescription safety glasses lenses are made of polycarbonate - a bullet proof material.

Do you sell progressive/multifocal or bifocal lenses?
Yes we do though it is a bit more complicated than single vision which is available directly through the website.  Both bifocal and multifocal/progressive/varifocals lenses require us to send a sample frame out to you with fitting instructions.  That way we know that they will work for you.  Both bifocal and progressive lenses incur an additional cost to the standard glasses price.

Can I use my contact lens prescription?
No, unfortunately a person’s contact lens prescription isn’t necessarily the same as the their spectacle prescription.  As the distance that the lens is situated from the eye can impact on a persons prescription.

What if I enter my details incorrectly?

If you enter your details incorrectly, please advise us immediately, so that we can change your details before the lenses are manufactured. Lenses can not be altered once they enter the manufacturing process and unfortunately, can not be refunded.

Can I get my money back if there is a problem?
Yes, if the glasses are returned in good condition within a reasonable period of having received them. (At the discretion of  Only Specs)

What does the guarantee cover?

There is a one year manufacturing warranty on all of the frames and lenses. 

Do you sell progressive or bifocal lenses?  Only Specs does not routinely sell bifocal or progressive lenses.  This is due to the requirement for fitting heights and monocular pupil distances (PD's) to obtain the best vision out of the lenses.  This is the same reason as to why we do not make high power single vision prescription lenses as we do not believe that the customer will acheive their best vision without the glasses being fitted to a person's face.

Do your prescription safety glasses meet Australian Standards?

Yes, all Only Specs prescription safety glasses come certified to meet Australian and certain internation safety standards. They all come with safety certificate as standard.

How long do the glasses generally take to arrive after ordering on the internet?

Standard single vision glasses generally take about a week to get to the customer.  Safety glasses generally take about a fortnight to be manufactured and delivered.

Are the lenses manufactured in Australia?

The optical labs used by Only Specs are situated on the Sunshine Coast in QLD or in Sydney.  The stock lenses that the labs use may be imported from over seas but the glasses are assembled in Australia.

Can I claim my prescription glasses through my health fund?

Yes, the majority of Australian health funds will give a refund on presentation of an Only Specs reciept.  Making your glasses very reasonable if not completely FREE.  If you are in any doubt please contact your health fund.

Do your prescription sunglasses meet Australian Standards?

Yes our prescription sunglasses are tinted to 80% sunlight blockage (this is the normal depth of sunglass tint in Australia) and lenses are treated with UV400 a 100% UV light blocker.

Do your eyeglasses come with glass or plastic lenses? 

All glasses sold though Only Specs come with plastic lenses.  The index of the plastic varies depending on the need of the prescription and the lens extras chosen.  Safety glasses are all made with Polycarbonate lenses. 


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