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Is the SP 02 Safety frame suitable for progressive lenses?

No, the SP 02 frame is only suitable for single vision lenses of a low power.  Due to the large lens size and curved nature of the lens.

Do your safety glasses come with safety certificates?

Yes, they most certainly do at no extra cost. 

What do I do if my prescription doesn't have a Pupillary Distance (PD) measurement written on it?

Well you can measure it your self with the help of a friend or you can use the default options when you enter your prescription information.  To measure it yourself you need a ruler with millimeter graduations and you ask someone to hold it against your forehead above your eyes and measure from the outside edge (edge nearest your ear) of one pupil (black circle in the eye) to the inside edge of the pupil in the other eye (side nearest your nose).

Do you make safety glasses with bifocals?

Yes we do and we can also make safety glasses with progressive lenses. 

What do the frame measurements mean?
We provide frame measurements to enable you to select frames that are the best fit for you. If you already wear glasses, the best way to determine a good fit is to compare the measurements of your current pair to give you a guide.

Most frames have three measurements on the inside of an arm or alternatively on the inside of the nasal bridge. If they have worn off you can measure these values yourself with a ruler using the millimeter scale.

The arm length and bridge width will determine the fit and comfort of the frames. The frame width can determine comfort and pressure on the temples. As a general rule of thumb, people with wider faces suit wider frames. These 3 measurements do not need to match exactly, but if they are close to your current glasses, they will have a similar fit.

The frame depth and lens diameter can influence the style of the glasses. Accordingly reading glasses can be quite shallow as it is useful to be able to look over the glasses to view the distance clearly. As the distance can be very blurry through reading glasses.

If you follow our tips the vast majority of frames will fit well. If you need a minor adjustment (such as adjusting ear pieces), most optometrists will do this for you.

How it Works
Once you have a copy of your current prescription, you are ready to order your glasses with Only Specs.

Obtaining your prescription:

Most optometrists will offer FREE (bulk billed through Medicare) eye consultations to all eligible cardholders every 2 years. Simply visit your local optometrist for an eye test and obtain your prescription.
It is Law that the optometrist must provide you with a clear, readable copy of your prescription if you ask for it. Please ask them to include your pupillary distance (or PD) with your prescription.

Alternatively, you may use a previous prescription so long as it is not more than 2 years old.

eg 1

Right (OD)+3.00-0.25135+2.50
Left (OS) +1.25-0.5035+2.50

eg 2


Please ensure that everything that is written on your prescription is relayed to us, either through the online form, fax, or over the phone. If you are unsure how to input the information or it is unclear please don’t hesitate to contact us via email or Ph 0400 715 846, Fax 07 5442 2154.

Choosing your frame

We have a wide selection of high quality glasses frames to choose from, including budget, stylish, semi-rimless, bendable, safety glasses and sunglasses (just click one of the images & then select Lens options).

Ensuring the comfort of your new glasses

If the frame you choose has similar dimensions to your current glasses, it will have a similar fit. Simply compare the frame measurements we provide with those written on your glasses. If you need a minor adjustment (such as the fit behind the ears), most optometrists will do this for you.

Single Vision lenses can be made to correct either short-sightedness or long-sightedness.

Options: All our prescription glasses come with a free anti-scratch coating. Options include an anti-reflective coating, UV protection, sunglasses tint, photochromic lenses (darken with sunlight) and polarised lenses. Simply select these options as required.


Order online: Once you have selected your frame and lenses, enter your prescription details and pay securely through Paypals’ payment service using your credit card, or by direct deposit.

Order by phone: Once you have chosen your frame and lenses, call us on Ph. 1300 855 210 and we can answer any questions you may have, talk you through the options and complete your order.

Frequently asked Questions:

Why are the prices so reasonable? While still providing a quality product, due to the lower overheads with not having to pay for a shop front we are happy to pass on the savings to you.

Are the lenses made of glass or plastic? Our lenses are made of plastic as this makes them lighter and safer as they don’t shatter when dropped.

Do you sell progressive/multifocal or bifocal lenses? No we do not as we do not believe that these lenses can be fitted correctly without measuring the fitting heights with the frame on a person’s face. Though in the future as different options are open to us this may change.

Can I use my contact lens prescription? No unfortunately optics come into play and a person’s contact lens prescription isn’t necessarily the same as the spectacle one.

What if I enter my details incorrectly? Then you need to advise us immediately, so that we can change your details before the lenses are manufactured. It is important to do this as lenses can not be altered once they enter the manufacture process and therefore can not be refunded.

Can I get my money back if there is a problem? Yes you can if the glasses are returned in good condition within a reasonable period of having received them, at the discretion of Only Specs.

What does the guarantee cover? There is one years manufacturing warranty on all of the frames and lenses.

Can you replace own lenses? (The old lenses within your own frame) We do provide a fitting service for new frames in perfect condition (photographic approval first) with a small fitting fee and lens price.

Do you make glasses for high prescriptions?  Only Specs only caters for the low to medium prescriptions as the higher prescriptions should be properly fitted for optical centre.  The range we cater for is +4.00 to -3.00 with up to     -3.00D cylinder.

Do you sell flip up adds for safety frames?  No unfortunately they have not been found to be available.

Can Only Specs put new lenses into my own frame?  Yes we can organise new lenses into your own frame.  Yes we can organise single vision, bifocals or progressives as needed.  Please contact us to discuss what you require and we can provide a quote. 

Can you organise polarised sunglasses lenses?  Yes we can organise both single vision and progressive polarised sunglass lenses.  We can even organise them for safety glasses.

Can you make photochromatic/transition lenses in prescription safety glasses?  Yes we certainly can. 

Can you make progressive safety glasses?  Yes we can contact us to organise a quote. 

Can your organise bifocal safety glasses? Yes we can. 

Do you make children's glasses?  Only Specs does sell glasses that can fit children over approximately 8 yrs though the parent would have to place the order for them as they need to be 18+. 

Do you sell designer frames and sunglasses?  If you have found a particular frame that you want if we can source the frame, we can sell at 25% less than recommended retail.

Do you sell a glasses frame that has a clip that fits on the pocket?  There is a half eye frame that has the mteal clip on the temple (side of the frame).  

Do your safety glasses meet Australian Standards?  All prescription safety glasses available on the site are manufactured to meet both Australian and New Zealand standards and come with a certificate of approval.

Can you organise safety glasses for corporate  customers?  Yes we certainly can. Please contact us to organise.

Can you organise contract safety glasses through PSG? We certainly can, even though we aren't a bricks and mortar store. If your employer has a contract with PSG for their safety glasses we can organise them for you. 

Can I claim my prescription safety glasses with my health fund? Yes you certainly can. 

Can I claim the new lenses for my own glasses through my health fund?  Yes you can. Please check that your health fund lets you buy glasses online.

Can I claim my new reading glasses through my health fund?  Yes as we are registered providers you are able to claim your new glasses through most health funds. (The same answer for your new distance glasses, bifocals or progressives).

Can I order my new glasses over the phone?  Yes if you are a bit wary about inputing your own prescription you can always email or fax it to us and we can explain it to you.

Can I try the frames on before ordering?  Yes we can organise  for a sample of the frame to be sent out to you.  We require a deposit that is refundable on return of the frame and a non refundable admin charge (which covers return postage).

Do you sell to the public? Yes we sell to the public and companies.

If I select the polarised option, does it include UV protection? Yes polarised lenses come with 100% UV protection. 




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