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Clear Safety Glasses - AS PSG [AS PSG]  $200.00 

Frame Depth: (b/w 48-52mm)  Frame Width: (b/w 138-152mm)

Nose Bridge: 21mm   Lens Diameter: 50, 52, 54, or 56

Arm Length: 140mm   Type: Unisex Stainless Steel

Colour/s: Stainless Steel, Gold Tort or Black,

The AS PSG is a traditional double bridge aviator style, safety frame.  It is available in many sizes and colours, so there is one to suit you.  This frame is suitable for single vision, bifocal and progressive lenses. Just make your selections when going through the ordering process. 

For people that like traditional spectacle frames, this is the safety frame style choice for you.  This safety frame has the normal spectacle thin metal sides that are bent over your ears to anchor them on.  These spectacles also fold relatively flat so they don’t require a huge case or take up a lot of space.  Space can be important, especially for workers that fly in fly out.  A protective case can also be really important in ensuring longevity of your safety glasses.  These safety glasses come with a protective case that can be worn on the belt through a belt loop.  This will be really handy if you are taking your safety glasses on and off. 

Some people can’t cope with wrapped lenses as they may be sensitive to distortion that their prescription can induce in the curved lenses.  This spectacle type safety glasses frame has a flat front, which avoids these problems.  

This metal safety frame has side shields welded on to the frame for extra eye safety.  The safety frame meets 1337.6 Australian Safety standards for medium impact and comes certified for no extra cost.  The aviator style is wonderful choice for safety glasses as it covers the eye area well, due to coming down the sides of your nose and having a decent amount of depth and width to the lenses. 

The AS PSG frame is made of stainless steel, to decrease the likelihood of corrosion and increase durability.  The double bridge also increases the frame strength over a single bridged frame.  So if you are tough on safety spectacles and want a more traditional styled pair of safety glasses, then this is the style for you.

Warranty on the PSG Safety Glasses

The AS PSG safety frame comes with a years manufacturing warranty against the glasses failing.  Only Specs also provides an extended warranty that enables people who receive their glasses and are unhappy with them to return them for a refund – subject to our discretion

Order your new AS PSG prescription safety glasses online TODAY.


Lens Options: Standard (free)*  
Anti-Reflective ( + $80.00 )
Photochromatic ( + $140.00 )
Polarised ( + $115.00 )
*the standard lens is only applicable if prescription is within
the stock range

Prescription DetailsSphere SPH *Cylinder CYLAxisAddition ADD
Right (OD)  *
Left (OS) *
Pupillary Distance *
Extra Information
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