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Budget Glasses - MCCann Doublebay Double Bridge [MB06]  $75.00 

Frame Depth:  40mm   Frame Width: 136mm

Nose Bridge: 19mm   Lens Diameter: 52mm

Arm Length: 140mm  Type: Mens Metal

Colour/s: C1 Bronze

CHEAP GLASSES DESCRIPTION: Highly durable mens prescription glasses frame, in a classic glasses style that does not date. With prices this good you will want 2 glasses at least!  Glasses prices listed include single vision stock prescription lenses and shipping within Australia.  These cheap glasses are made from the same glasses frames and lenses as those at the Optometrist.  This pair of glasses would make excellent reading glasses.

Lens Options: Standard (free)*  
Thin ( + $85.00 )
Anti-Reflective ( + $50.00 )
Polarised ( + $115.00 )
Tint ( + $45.00 )
UV ( + $30.00 )
Photochromatic ( + $90.00 )
*the standard lens is only applicable if prescription is within
the stock range

Prescription DetailsSphere SPH *Cylinder CYLAxisAddition ADD
Right (OD)  *
Left (OS) *
Pupillary Distance *
Extra Information
(if applicable)
Optometrist's Name *
Optometrist's Phone Number *

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