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Stylish Glasses - Mars 5008 [MF5008]  $155.00 

Frame Width: 130mm  Nasal Bridge: 17mm

Lens Diameter: 51mm  Lens depth: 27mm

Type: Designer glasses frame

Colour/s: Blue, Black, Brown or Grey (pictured)

Designer Glasses Description: Classic rectangular designer glasses frame.  Designer glasses with spring hinged temples.  Perfect frame for both distance glasses and reading glasses.  Classic styled designer glasses frame with a modern twist.  Order your new designer glasses online through Only Specs.


Lens Options: Standard (free)*  
Thin ( + $85.00 )
Anti-Reflective ( + $50.00 )
Polarised ( + $115.00 )
Tint ( + $45.00 )
UV ( + $30.00 )
Photochromatic ( + $90.00 )
*the standard lens is only applicable if prescription is within
the stock range

Prescription DetailsSphere SPH *Cylinder CYLAxisAddition ADD
Right (OD)  *
Left (OS) *
Pupillary Distance *
Extra Information
(if applicable)
Optometrist's Name *
Optometrist's Phone Number *

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